Tea Pavilion on the Water


"Water / Wind / Light / Green"

合作對象: ARJR Architects (黃志瑞建築師事務所)

使用性質: 企業形象接待室
設計日期: 2006.10-2007.02
施工日期: 2007.02-2008.02
主要設計: Jim Tze-Chun Wei
細部設計: Jim Tze-Chun Wei / 葉志豐

​空間攝影: 魏子鈞



The pavilion is located at the site of an old factory in a suburb of Taiwan. The site contained an original fire control pool that is no longer in use. The programatic concept was to build a pavilion as both a reception in the daytime and a living room for the family in the night.

The initial idea of the design is a way to bring in the water and garden landscape on site with the construction of the pavilion. Four elements are used conceptually in this design: wind, light, vegetation and water. Then as an open platform in the background which could merge the elements as a design theme of the building. 

Wind: The full height sliding doors can be fully opened in order to gather more air circulation during the summer. Using the temperature differences between water and gravel to trigger air flow circulate inside the room. Light: Using as much natural light as possible for illumination and avoid direct sun light by arranging the largest opening on the north and the south. Vegetation: The south glazing is facing the original garden for the best view, and by planting bamboo on the pool to act as a filter from the disturbances on the street plus it gains more green into the interior.

Water: The main theme of the design (four water expressions)
1. The Roof: The roof for water storage can block the heat of the sun light, and it is the beginning of the water journey.
2. The Water Wall: A slope where water falls from the roof, the water sound creates the atmosphere of the space.
3. The Water Curtain: The water curtain from the entrance to create a water passage to filter the cool air into the room.
4. The Water Reflection: The reflection of the water pattern projects on the exposed concrete ceiling as a motion painting inside the room.

Published in

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2011.09 Archidaily Architecture Website
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