State of White


"Transparent & Translucent / Express & Exposed "

合作單位: iTemdesign(元項設計), TC design
使用性質: 40年公寓翻修 / 室內設計
設計日期: 2012-2013
施工日期: 2013-2014

主要設計: Jim Tze-Chun Wei
細部設計: Yu-Cheng Tang 湯友正, Teresa Wu ( iTemdesign) 
燈光設計: Vivie Lin 林家瑜 (一口規劃設計顧問) 

​專業攝影: Hey! Cheese


​榮獲 第六屆亞洲設計獎 創意設計獎

『相白』  State of White 


“白" 不只是白色,而是在描述一種 "狀態"


「穿」與「透」-  追求空間的連續性



「顯」與「隱」-  切一道斜牆分隔生活的公與私



「輕」與「清」-  運用不同白色素材與幾何線條的互融


衛浴白色馬賽克反光的晶體感 、斜牆拋光白色人造石的清透感、地面平光盤多摩的毛孔細微反光、弧形玻璃隔間的角度炫漫折射、半透光捲簾布的若隱若顯、是一個關於各種白色質地的討論。

[ State of White ]

White represents not a color but condition of a space


Transparent & Translucent

The north side of the 40 years apartment owns the best view and sunlight that lead us to tear down the redundant walls, which then reshaped the space with generous transparency. Following this idea, we developed a concise ceiling plan, rearranging the furniture, and set out a translucent glass as new wall, the natural light from the north is then being integrated into this white space.


Express & Exposed

The apartment is designed to be divided into public and private space by a white Corian wall. The bedrooms and restrooms are hidden behind this oblique wall as a personal area where on the other side, living room, dining room and kitchen are arranged as public spaces that has the most vibrant view and sunlight.


Light & Lite

Experimenting the variety of white texture is the theme of this project. In order to express the different condition of white, the design team has carefully selected a variety of materials, such as white mosaic tiles in the shower room, glossy white Corian wall, the reflective white  Pandomo floor, the refraction from the curved glass wall, and the translucent curtain, it is all about redefining the state of white.


Published in

2014.07 ID show Magazine No.7
2014.05 IW design magazine No.97


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