2017.01  New project: 電梯增建, an elevator extention project, Changhua

2016.02  New project: 三間亭_3 Pavilions, a residential interior design, Tainan

2015.09  Collaborative Project with B+P Architects: 糧桁_Re Framing

2014.05  Collaborative Project with Ultramarine design: 法比樂_Fabre Love

2013.09  Collaborative Project with iTemdesign: 曉確幸II Lighthouses

2013.04  Collaborative Project with iTemdesign: 曉確幸 Lighthouse

2013.04  Collaborative Project with iTemdesign: 蜜亞義大利麵 Vinya Pasta

2013.03  Collaborative Project with iTemdesign: 人之初

2012.08  Collaborative Project with iTemdesign, TC Design: 相白 – State of White

2011.12  Collaborative Project with ODU: 風之塔-House of Winds, a 2nd generation house, Changhua

2011.11  New project: 景與井 – Courtyard House, a 2nd generation house, Changhu

| Updates |

| Publications |

2017.03  米糧桁 – The Inverted Truss published in CONDE Design Magazine No.288

2017.03  米糧桁 – The Inverted Truss published in BOB Magazine No.152

2017.01  景與井 – Courtyard House published in 見學館 Housearch Website

2017.01  米糧桁 – The Inverted Truss published in  Designboom Magazine Website

2016.12  米糧桁 – The Inverted Truss published in  Shopping Design Website

2016.12  米糧桁 – The Inverted Truss published in  Archidaily Architecture Website

2016.11  米糧桁 – The Inverted Truss published in 見學館 Housearch Website

2016.09  景與井 – Courtyard House published in Designboom Magazine Website

2016.09  景與井 – Courtyard House published in Archidaily Architecture Website

2014.07  相白 – State of White published in ID show Magazine No.7

2014.05  相白 – State of White published in IW design magazine No.97

2014.03  水光茶集 – Tea Pavilion on the Water published in 2014 台北室內設計年鑑

2011.09  水光茶集 – Tea Pavilion on the Water published in Archidaily Architecture Website

2010.07  軌跡空間 – Motion Architecture published in Summer Show Catalogue, The Bartlett, UCL

2010.01  第十九洞 – 19th Tee exhibited in Design Exhibition for UK education, British Council,Taipei

2008.09  水光茶集 – Tea Pavilion on the Water published in Interior Design Magazine No.183, Taiwan Architecture Magazine, No.155

| Awards |

2017.06  作品 「米糧桁」  榮獲 TID台灣室內設計大獎-商業空間類 - TID獎

2017 Taiwan Interior Design Award , TID Award

2017.06  作品 「景與井」  榮獲 TID台灣室內設計大獎-單層住宅類 - 入圍

2017 Taiwan Interior Design Award , Shortlisted

2017.05  作品 「米糧桁」  榮獲 遠東建築獎-舊屋改造特別獎 - 佳作

2017 Far Eastern Architectural Award , Excellent Award

2017.04  作品 「景與井」 榮獲 義大利 A' Design 建築設計獎 - 銅獎
2017 A'Design Awards, Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category,  Bronze Prize

2017.04  作品 「米糧桁」  榮獲 CID 當代國際設計大獎 - 金獎 與 評審推薦獎

2017 Conde International Design Awards , Golden Prize, Jury Recommend Prize 

2016.12  作品 「景與井」 榮獲 俄羅斯2016 ADD設計獎 - 入圍

2016 ADD Awards, Shortlisted

2016.12  作品 「米糧桁」  榮獲 Shopping Design台灣設計Best 100 - 最佳建築及空間設計規劃

2016 Shopping Design 2016,  Best of Taiwan 100 - Architecture and Interior Design

2016.12  作品 「米糧桁」  榮獲 台北市老屋新生大獎 -入圍

2016 Taipei Award of House Renovation , Shortlisted

2016.12  作品 「相白」  榮獲 第六屆亞洲設計獎 - 佳作
2016 Asian Design Award, Excellent Work Award

2016.11  作品 「景與井」 榮獲 第三屆ADA新銳建築獎 - 佳作

2016 ADA Award for Emerging Architects, Commendation Award

2016.08  中國室內設計50強傑出青年設計師獎 

2014.12  103年金萃獎 - 最佳室內設計師獎

2009.11  2nd Prize & The UCL Media Services Prize
2009 Research Images as Art / Art Images as Research, Awarded by University College London, UK

2006.10  1st Prize 
2006 The National Golden Award for Architecture

New Talent Designer Design Excellence Award, Awarded by National Corporate Competition Development Association, Taiwan

2006.05  3rd Prize
2006 Arch' Idea Biennale, Vladivostok
International Youth Festival of Architecture and Design, Awarded by FESTU Architecture Department, Russia

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