Courtyard House 


"Sky Voids + Inner Views"

使用性質:二代住宅 增建
設計日期: 2011.11-
施工日期: 2013.04-2014-10

主要設計: Jim Tze-Chun Wei
細部設計: Jim Tze-Chun Wei / 葉志豐 / 楊哲勳
燈光設計: 林家瑜 (一口規劃設計顧問)

工程顧問: 黃志瑞建築師、湯友正(元項設計) 
施工監造: 王鈞立(黃志瑞建築師事務所)

​空間攝影: 魏子鈞

​榮獲 第三屆ADA新銳建築獎 佳作

『內景 + 天井』


本作品在面對既有RC結構模矩之下如何解決通風採光、與舊有結構施工、與不影響一樓工廠使用之下,以現代四合院的概念出發,重新思考家的中心為何? 三代如何面對共同居住? 公共同樂與私密習慣的和諧?  





『迴廊』 - 可以推著娃娃車散步的廊

『光井』 - 可以感受鳥叫聲與通風採光的井

『邊庭』 - 在這邊聊天也吵不到家人的庭

『圍牆』 - 在這裡可以穿著睡衣褲也不怕被打擾

『Inner View + Sky-Voids』

This is an ambitious project for a 3-generation family in Changhua, Taiwan. The site is located on the roof of an existing one-story factory building.

The initial idea was to create a contemporary Chinese courtyard house with a "回" shaped volume. This is a layout with individual living units and shared family spaces.

They are connected by a looped corridor and separated by small light wells.

"Sky-Voids" are distributed in the corners of the building to provide natural lighting and ventilation. They are designed as individual small courtyards.

"Inner-View" is the idea of creating private garden views for the occupants' pleasure and blurs the visual boundary between inside and outside.

Big glazing facing the central courtyard is designed and "Sky Voids" provide inner-views of the garden. This is a project trying to re-define a modern Chinese courtyard house and explore how space can be divided individually but stay closely connected


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